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Red Zone Football Academy


What is the RedZone?

In football, the red zone is the area of the field from the 20-yard line to the goal line. It is the most critical area on the field, as most scores come from inside this area. Both teams typically raise their level of play in the red zone; the ability to execute here often determines a team’s fate over the course of a game and a season.

Our RedZone is a place where young players learn the most critical and fundamental elements of the sport. We teach the physical skills and personal qualities that are important in developing good football players, good students, good citizens, and great leaders. We’re confident that your player will not only raise his level of play in our RedZone, but the experience will lead him to love the sport forever & teach him some of life’s greatest lessons through a game. 




Our mission at Red Zone Football Academy is improve a youth players’ football skills and performance, while instilling critical values such as teamwork, leadership, confidence and hard work. These values develop personal success on the field, in the classroom, and in life. We aim to build the foundations to develop athletic potential as well as personal and social development.


RedZone's Core Values:

We aim to instill the following core values in all of our programs. We've found that focusing on these aspects lead to sustained improvement in our athlete's performance and personal development.

  1. Fundamental Instruction- teaching and mastering the lasting fundamentals that build sound football skills. These fundamentals are essential to developing advanced skill sets and sustaining success on the field.
  2. Personal Improvement- instilling critical values such as teamwork, fun, fair play, confidence, leadership, and continued improvement physically, mentally, and socially. 
  3. Success For All- seeing that every player experiences success in our programs. Success is defined differently for each player; we take the time to ensure that players of all ability levels have success and continue to improve themselves.