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Update as of August 14.

In a decision that not everyone will agree with- no matter which way we go- we will not be requiring RedZone players, coaches, or spectators must wear a mask. That being said, we do urge you to take this pandemic seriously and to follow the recommendations below. It is important that we are all diligent in working to prevent the spread of the virus and are aware that your actions can have a negative impact on yourself, your family, and our community at large. 

We're continuing to monitor, review mask mandates and enforcement from our local agencies. Currently, Iowa City & Johnson County both have mask mandates that do apply outdoors when six feet of separation is not possible. Both mandates carry an exemption when exercising at a moderate or intense level. We consider playing football to fit this exemption. An exemption is also granted to anyone with trouble breathing. It’s reasonable to think that breathing may become difficult while playing football in as mask. The legal enforceability of these mandates is also in question. We're in touch with local personnel on these mandates and are also monitoring the measures that schools and other sports organizations are taking or not taking. This is a fluid situation; it’s possible that we may have to enforce stricter measures during the season, or we may be forced to consider shutting the season down. We're hopeful these scenarios don’t come to be, but we must be prepared to adapt and comply if necessary.

Below are our official positions, recommendations, and guidelines (as of August 14) for conducting the 2020 RedZone League season amid the pandemic.


·      Stay home if you’re not feeling well, running a temperature, showing symptoms of having COVID-19, or have recently been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

·      Sanitize before or upon arrival at practices and games.

·      Be mindful of social distancing and respectful of other’s spaces and choices.

·      Alert your team coach and RedZone if someone in your household tests positive for COVID-19.


·      Must have a COVID Waiver completed by a parent/guardian.

·      Will not be required to wear masks during games/practices. 

·      Are strongly encouraged to wear masks when not in the game (on the sideline) and not being physically active at practice.

·      Are encouraged to wear football gloves for all practices & games. Sanitize them regularly.

·      Are discouraged from hand shakes, high fives, and fist bumps

·      Bring your own water/drink bottles. Do not share drinks, gloves, or flags during game or practice.


·      Strongly encouraged to wear masks when in close contact with players, other coaches.

·      May not require their players to wear masks

·      Attempt to distance your players while they are on the sideline. 

·      Should be sanitizing (Lysol or other spray recommended) all equipment after each practice/game. This includes team balls, flag belts, and flags. 


·      Encouraged to maintain six feet of separation from non-household members

·      Encouraged to wear masks when six feet of separation is not possible

·      Please limit attendance to essential family members (i.e. parents & siblings). We know grandparents, extended family, and family friends want to support your players, but ask them to do so in other ways than attending games.


·      All RedZone staff will be strongly encouraged to wear a mask when within six feet of others.

·      Hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and other sanitizing agents will be available at game sites for use by players, coaches, spectators, and staff.

·      Team bench and spectator seating areas will be assigned. Please maintain distance as much as possible within these designated areas. 

·      Teams will be issued their own game ball at the start of a contest. They are responsible for taking the ball off the field with them, sanitizing it while it’s out, and bringing the ball back onto the field with their offense.

·      Teams will not be permitted to shake hands at the conclusion of a game. Instead, they will line up across from one another and extend a wave/salute and gesture of good game.