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Red Zone Football Academy

How Do Team Rankings/Standing Work?

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Team Rosters Announced


Training Camp Announced!

Our season kickoff event, Training Camp sponsored by Scheels, will occur on August 24th at Scott Park. Official group times HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED Training Camp is included with your RedZone League registration and is an important day to start your season out right. Players will receive an official Training Camp shirt, their game day uniform, and a mouth guard from Mergen Orthodontics. Additionally, players will have pictures taken and go through on field drills to learn important game skills & league procedures. 


Carousel Nissan extends title sponsorship through 2021

Carousel has been a wonderful partner in helping us make the RedZone experience an affordable and one-of-a-kind youth football program in the corridor. Their support allows us to pack a lot of value into the League season. For 2019, this means having additional staff on site for games, an operations trailer to haul equipment, and other small improvements that may or may not be noticed.

Carousel supports a lot of local youth activities. They care about kids in this community having access to quality programs where they can have fun, discover new dreams, and grow as a person. They'll care the same for you when buying a car from them-- Coach Blum knows from personal experience. Pay them a visit on Highway 1 for your next vehicle and let them know you appreciate their RedZone support!

RedZone League 2019 Operating Memo

I recently thought long and hard about, 'What are the most important elements kids should take away from their RedZone experience?' For me, it boils back to our core values— fundamental instruction, personal development, and success for all. These are important regardless of where any kid is on a football skill/experience spectrum. I feel that every decision we make should be done with those in mind. 

But I wanted to know what our parents & coaches thought was important, and I appreciate those of you who filled out end-of-season and recent surveys we sent. Some of the data we found especially important is listed down below.

The 2019 RedZone League season format will be as follows:

·     A 6 game regular season (up from 5 in the past)

·     First 2 games of the season, no game scores will be kept (think of them as non-conference games). Teams will then be split into gold/silver divisions. Remaining 4 games will be against teams within your gold/silver division and game scores will be kept. 

·     In all 6 games, teams will receive a ‘Player Usage’ & ‘Core Values’ score as determined by game officials and a non-referee game monitor (operations interns).

·     Adoption of NCAA-like postseason. Standings/ranking formula will be based on W/L record, strength of schedule, player usage & core values scores. The top 4 teams in each gold/silver age division will play in a championship playoff. All other teams will play a ‘bowl’ game against a competitively similar team.

I'm confident that these adjustments will lead to a youth football experience that is  tightly aligned with our core values and meets the expectations our parents and coaches have of such a program. I can't wait to get the season started!

Tyler Blum Director, RedZone Football Adacemy


Relevant Survey Data

Parents on what they ranked as most important to their child’s youth football experience:

#1. Encountering positive role models/social environment        93.5% top 3

#2. Learning Skills & Rules of the game                                     83.7% top 3

#3. Being on a team with friends                                                  56.5% top 3

Overall, 65% of parents would rather have their child experience & learn a little bit about all positions on the field. 35% preferred for their child to get most of his playing time and develop skills at their best position(s). A closer look reveals that parents of younger players answered ‘all positions’ most heavily, while parents of older players were split about 50/50. Coaches answered this question with similar results.

Top 3 parent answers when asked if factors other than W/L record should be considered for standings:

#1. Player Usage (48%)

#2. Sportsmanship of players, coaches, fans (45%)

#3. Strength of Schedule (40%)

only 25% answered that no other subjective factors should be considered.

Top 3 coaches answers to the previous question:

#1. Strength of Schedule (43%)

#2. Player Usage (37%)

#3. No other factors should be considered (37%)

Sportsmanship was #4 at 32%

Coaches choosing what their 2 most important objectives as coaches are:

#1. Teach about sportsmanship, leadership, respect, and how to deal with adversity  (89%)

#2. Teaching critical skills & fundamentals of the game (68%)

0% chose ‘have a winning season’