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Red Zone Football Academy

Photos will be taken at Training Camp on Saturday, August 24.



Pictures will be one of the stations within your players training time. Even if you aren't ordering photos, every player should have a picture take so that they can be included in the team photo.

If you send you picture form to camp with your player, we will collect them at the start of the training and make sure it gets over to the picture station with them. Online picture orders can also be made; click on the 'additional info' link below.

Photos done by TSS Photography out of the Quad Cities. Pictures will be mailed to your home.


Notes from the photographers:

Pictures will be taken during training camp. If you need a form there will be extra`s at the pavilion with our staff.

To order online please visit and enter your event number 27079994.  

If you do not plan on purchasing pictures, please come over any way so your child can be in the team picture and the full organization banner. We will be taking virtual group pictures, which means we will only need individual pictures of everyone and we will place them in their correct team picture.

If you have any questions please stop at the TSS Check-in Table upon arrival to answer any questions or give us a call. Payment is expected on or before picture day.

TSS Accepts: Cash, Checks Payable to "TSS", and all major credit & debit cards. Please be ready to present your card so we can electronically swipe and run your card for added accuracy and security.

Please be sure to fill out your complete address along with email because all completed orders will be mailed direct to the address provided along with any purchased digital images.